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Trail Of 32: by Paul Rega

trail-of-32The story took place in the summer of 1972, a group of scouts and their leaders undertook a planned bicycle trip that was over 1400 miles long.  They started in Wood Dale, Illinois, went through eight states to end up in Jacksonville, Florida. The author was fortunate enough to be one of the scouts on this journey and this book is a series of his personal recollections of this adventure.  Once the reader makes it to the actual journey  he or she will find it very interesting and engaging for it explored the hopes and goals behind the excursion, as well as the challenges and unexpected surprises that the troop encountered along the way. Reviewed by jason




Jacked: by Mark Morris

jacked-frontThe scene was set as a small town where everyone knew everyone else and their business. A small town setting that I am sure almost everyone reading this can relate to.  Despite being a small town there seemed to be a lot going on besides the residents squashing bugs, pissing on windows of closed shops, and being paid $20.00 for being sprayed in the face with pepper spray for entertainment.
Reviewed by andre



Diary Of A Displaced Dog / Millies Story by Lee Sherrill


 A young boy and his mother adopt a rescue puppy, Millie, and provide her with a happy home. For the most part, all goes well until the family loses their home and ends up giving Millie to a man who has less than honorable intentions. Neglected and locked in a dog pen with several other dogs and not enough food and water to go around, Millie struggles to stay alive. When one of the dogs attacks the abusive owner through the fence, things take a turn for the worse.
I loved this heartwarming and heart-wrenching tale. The book is told as a series of diary entries written by Millie. It is an effective way for the story to unfold since I was easily able to understand theroller coaster of the dog’s emotions.  I rate this book 5 stars. Reviewd by danam