Finding The Raven


Reviewed by: Sara


Finding the Raven is a magical tale of friendship, love, deceit, life, death and the space between the two. Two young women finding-ravenfrom completely different backgrounds find their fates intertwined and both fight their struggles together, refusing to surrender to their harsh circumstances. After Julia’s father tragically dies during an act onstage and her inheritance seems to have been swindled away, she discovers a stone that is more precious than gold. Guided by her visions and a little help from a psychic, the pair manage to sort their troubles out slowly over time.

Living in a time when ladies were held to higher expectations of behavior, they both wanted something more. After being forced to leave a low-paying factory job, Julia completely transforms herself and later becomes a business owner all while falling in love with a man who possesses a gypsy heart. Rose, meanwhile struggles with the decision of letting the opinions of higher society direct her life choices or allowing her heart to be the judge. Through many unexpected twists, turns and divine interventions, Julia learns to trust her visions and realizes that she is being guided by something or someone from the other side.

Finding The Raven is such an intriguing story that the reader simply cannot walk away without turning another page. Once in a while a reader will have the privilege to stumble upon a story that totally absorbs them and with each word the characters come to life and bring the reader into their world with them. Poetically written, Patty Dickson Pieczka fills your imagination with the wonders of their place and time and into the very hearts of Julia and Rose.

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