How to get paid for writing book reviews

Using the system that we at put in place, getting paid for writing book reviews is not that difficult at all. In fact, it is rather simple.   The first thing that you would want to do is visit our website and register.  We do not charge for memberships. Once registered, create a good profile for yourself explaining who you are, hobbies etc. You don’t have to disclose any personal information that you don’t want to, but do tell enough about yourself so that other members can relate.  Bare with me, all of this will make sense in a few minutes.

After creating your profile, visit our forums.  It is here that you will find books waiting to be reviewed.  The first thing you would wantPrint to do here is find and reply to my forum, “Introduce Yourself.”  Do your best to make it a good introduction by briefly explaining why you are here, whats your favorite book genres etc.  The whole idea of divulging some information about yourself in your profile and the introductions is so that we and the other book lovers and authors can get to know enough about you so that we can relate to you.  Once we can relate to you, we can then begin trusting your reviews when we see them and eventually respecting your opinions.

Now that you are complete with creating your introduction, you can spend sometime looking around and reading others introductions.  When you are ready, you will want to click on our “FAQs” link. It is here that you can read all about our many programs that we offer.  Our “Trusted Reviewer” link will tell all about becoming TRUSTED and how that makes a big difference in how much you get paid for performing book reviews.  You will also want to check out our “Book Lovers” page to learn how to start getting reimbursed for books and be entered into our quarterly drawings for neat prizes.

Once you have read those instructions and understand our points system you would want to return to our forums and  locate the “$3.99 and less book deals”.  The title tells it all.  Here you will find books with prices ranging from free up to $3.99.  Select a book, read it and write a 2 – 3 paragraph review of that book.  Post your review as a reply to the book post and copy and paste it on the website you purchased the book from and you just earned your first 100 Trusted Reviewer points. Respond to two other reviewers reviews with substantive responses and you just earned an additional 20 points.

Wayneh and I have been tasked with keeping what we hope is a good selection of books linked in the “$3.99 and less book deals” forum. However, if you don’t see your favorite book listed, let us know and we will check into getting it added. Now, here is where it even gets better. If you don’t see your favorite book or author listed anywhere, refer him or her to us.  If he or she purchases one of our book review packages, you earn more points for the referral, a referrals reward and a Referrals Badge.  More can be found out about these programs in the FAQ pages as well.

Even though you are still new, you will also want to keep an eye on our Prime Reviews & Discussions forum, for you will receive triple points for participating in those book reviews.  If you participate within the set time frame you will also be entered in a drawing for an Amazon Gift Card.

When visiting our site do keep in mind that we are fairly new and still working out some kinks.   However, do not let this stop you from signing up and starting to earn your badges for we will need some qualified Trusted Reviewers and Trusted Editors in the near future.  Look forward to seeing you in our forums.


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