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The first page had me thinking, “oh my”, with the cockroach and other things that were crawling around on a restaurant floor.  With everything that was going on in the story, such as his mother and stepfather taking all the restaurant profits, etc. I kept thinking, “he needs to sell”.  Over all,  it was an interesting story that did keep me wondering what was going through the authors mind as he wrote it. I am sure this was the desired effect that he was hoping for.  

The scene was set as a small town where everyone knew everyone else and their business. A small town jacked-frontsetting that I am sure almost everyone reading this can relate to.  Despite being a small town there seemed to be a lot going on besides the residents squashing bugs, pissing on windows of closed shops, and being paid $20.00 for being sprayed in the face with pepper spray for entertainment.  

Spoil alert! The author wasted no time into spinning the story of a small dead town where nothing exciting ever happens into a strange yet compelling tale of weird and mystery.  It all starts just hours before Jack is to inherit his dads restaurant when a sweaty man breaks into the restaurant.  He no sooner leaves after swallowing his sought after treasure before two more mysterious guys show up looking for something else. 

I was almost expecting / anticipating the ground to start shaking as some giant man eating worms began working their way to the surface. But despite the bugs and lack of man eating worms, I have to say that “Jacked” was a fun read.  Therefore I am giving it 5 stars as I am really looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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